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* While playing Eris RO, it is only imperative to respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. In order to accomplish this, you should not deceive, harass, or start any obscene, foul, vulgar, immoral, hateful, defamatory, offensive, or racist offensive languages or conducts against other players.

* You should not make any character(s) or be a member of, or make a guild(s) with offensive or unacceptable name(s). Eris RO is a international game, played by people from different countries and states all over the world. Therefore, player(s) have their own sentiments about what names are to be offensive. A name that may not offensive to you may be very offensive to others. Thus, before you start your journey in Eris RO, here's a list of names that we do not allow:
> Have offensive racial, ethnic, or gender connotations.
> Reference sexual acts or real life violence.
> Obscene and pornographic.
> Improper addressing to any human anatomy or bodily functions.
> Addressing any major religious or non-religious figures.
> Addressing any certain real-life people that may cause mental affliction or distress.

* You should not to argue with the Admins or Game Masters or Polices when receiving punishments. Obviously, your Eris RO accounts will not be banned, jailed, or muted without any cause. We exercise careful judgment in every case of Permanent Banishment, Account Deletion and IP banishment with close attention to the most flagrant forms of rules abuse. Please also be advised that there are instances that we don't issue warnings. By reading what is stated in the Types of Abuses with its corresponding punishments, that will be considered as your initial form of warning, and should be accepted as such by the player.

* You should not advertise any other game, server or website. We don't want to deal any issues and it's unforeseen repercussions with reference to "player stealing".

* You should not impersonate any player, Eris RO Staff Member nor someone else's Guild(s).

* You should not report players with malice, or cause them to be investigated with no coherent reason or just for the fun of it.

* You are not allowed to modify any part of the Eris RO Client, other than the official Guides found in our forums but in accordance with its terms and conditions.

* You should not use any third party software/program/scripting or macros in order to automate gameplay functions, including playing, chatting, interacting, or gathering item(s) or level(s) within Infamy RO. Also, by assisting, passing along, or storing item(s) for other players who are using these said software/program/scripting will receive the same kind of punishment.
You should not promote nor offer any third party software/program/scripting or macros on those who are selling or buying account(s), item(s), or credit(s).

* You should not take advantage of your fellow players in order to take his/her item(s) or account(s). This is most famously known as Scamming.

* You should not access another player's account without their consent or authorization in order to take or delete their account(s), character(s) or item(s). This is most famously known as Hacking.

* Do not exploit any bug in Eris RO and do not communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug (bugs that grant the user unnatural or unintended benefits) either directly or through public posting, to any other user of Eris RO. Bugs should be reported the Development Team as soon as possible.

* When communicating in-game using Public Chat (including, without limitation, server wide broadcast and use of private messaging), you should not spam, flood, or make duplicate chats using your hotkeys.


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