Valkyrie Lucky Egg

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Valkyrie Lucky Egg

Postby Erisrops » Wed Nov 21, 2018 1:53 pm

Hi, Erisian in this month we have a very interesting new items!!

That is Valkyrie Lucky Egg

You can get great deal item when open it.!

this the list item you can get from this box :

Valkyrie Shield 70%
Valkyrie Manteau 40%
Valkyrie Shoes 60%
Valkyrie Armor 40%
Variant Shoes 10%
Ice Pick[0] 50%
Ice Pick [1] 10%
50x Enriched Oridecon 5%
50x Enriched Elunium 5%

Fix get item :
1x Set Costume Rare/Special Grade (Account Bound)
1x Random Donated Headgear
1x Random Enrich Box