Quest NPC Aura [Baphomet Box]

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Quest NPC Aura [Baphomet Box]

Postby Erisrops » Wed Nov 21, 2018 1:12 pm

Good News Erisian!!
If you do not wish to donate to get [Baphomet Box]. You can get it by Quest

First you must meet NPC Aura, She was in the city of dicastes
NPC Aura.jpg
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[*]talk to her and help her to recapture the cakes that have been stolen by baphomet.
[*]you have to go hunt and kill to get a baphomet [Piece mother's Cake]
[*]bring her 10x [Piece mother's Cake] and she will give you 1x [Baphomet Box]

[Piece mother's Cake] drop by Baphomet(10%) and Great Demon Baphomet(20%)