[NPC] Cafe Mang Dadang : Slot Machine for Farming Zeny

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[NPC] Cafe Mang Dadang : Slot Machine for Farming Zeny

Postby khawarizma » Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:38 pm

Good News Erisian!


We have a special guest from very famous area called Bandung,
He come from remote areas just to help you find zeny in an instant way! ..

Are you curious about how to get it?

here we go!

1. Let us introduce him, his name is dadang ...
Ordinary people call him by Mang Dadang (Maintown 147 194) ...
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If you want to have money in an easy way, try to get acquainted with the one and only machine that is called Yosan Machine
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But to use Yosan Machine you need a Yosan ticket that you can get by exchanging 100,000 Zeny at Mang Dadang.
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What will you get by playing Yosan Machine?
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ImageS F F - Chance 30% to get 10 gold
ImageF S S - Chance 30% to get 10 gold
ImageS F S - Chance 10% to get 5 Bronze Coin
Special Prize:

ImageS S S - Chance 5% to get 10 Bronze Coin
ImageS S S – Chance 1% to get random costume box

Good luck! Hopefully your day is always fun ~