WOE F.E Test! (Expired)

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WOE F.E Test! (Expired)

Postby Erisrops » Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:12 pm

Erisian, Eris-RO will conduct WOE testing (To analyze server capability)

We are opening a random castle on Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday from 8PM - 9PM for a week until Erisian WOE starts

* Each guild is provided with rations/ransom in which related to the terms:
-Each guild has a maximum of 26 members (Have 3 Representatives who can be in contact 1. Leader, 2. Co Leader, 3. Manager)

Guilds who successfully defend or seize the castle will get: 10 (16 Hour Premium),
150 BOR, 100 BOS, 150 BOT, 150 BOG.

* Violation! If a registered guild not attending the guild, then it would count as a direspect from Eris Community (If there is a remaining provided rations/ransom then they will be deleted)

Winner Gets:
50.000 Cash Points for WOE