Change Logs (Last Update 21 November 2018)

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Change Logs (Last Update 21 November 2018)

Postby Erisrops » Wed May 16, 2018 5:55 pm

=====24 October 2018=====
Added New Item Gacha Box "Baphomet BOX"
Added New Item Gacha Box "Valkyrie Lucky Egg"
Added Quest NPC Aura
Added Quest NPC Frejya
Added New Item on Hunting Mission Shop
Mang Dadang Reborn!! (Different way to get the ticket!)
Added state icon when use "Cursed Water"
Change WoE Schedule Sunday to Wedenesday

=====24 October 2018=====
Reset Pvp Rank
Blacklist Some Monster on Hunting Mission
Fix Feature Mob/Item Database on Website
Fix Time Server!!
Increase Rate skill Abracadabra

=====26 September 2018=====
Fixed PvP Rangking Now Only Count In PvP Map Only!
Added New Costume (NPC At Second Maintown)
Added New Place And Guide For Newbie Player! (BETA VERSION)
Added System Vote For Points (BETA VERSION! please report if u see any error or bugs!)

=====07 September 2018=====
Fixed MVP Voucher Drop
Fixed Hourly Reward Shop!
Disabled Event NPC Mang Dadang!!
Disabled Event Indonesian Independence Day

=====22 August 2018=====
Added NPC Hourly Points Shop
Added NPC Fb Share
Added System Redeem Code at our website

=====15 August 2018=====
Added Event Merdeka
Added BETA NPC Cafe Mang Dadang
Added New Spot Pub Area
Added Dish Npc and Cookbook Npc
Added Alice’s Nightmare Instance
Added Prontera BGM
Reset PvP Rank And MVP Rank

=====08 August 2018=====
Update New Prontera(Maintown)
Added Farrel Bundle & Kanra Bundle

=====01 August 2018=====
Fixed NPC Recycle Costume!
Added NPC Newbie Shop!
Added NPC BG Exchanger!
Added Gold Drop into Farm Zone!
Added Mining Zone!

=====27 June 2018=====
New Update Costume Box Seasonal!!
Fix Disable BB/DB at all PvP Room

=====26 June 2018=====
Added Cash Bag to Cashshop

=====20 June 2018=====
Added Event Quest Trivia
Fixed NPC Surgeon
Fixed Enable Command at Erisian Plaza

=====13 June 2018=====
Clan System is now fix and back to normal. (Temporary abusive system is now removed)
Fixed Time Zone Server!!
Changed Login Rules Only Pop up For Newbie Player
Disable Job Clown/Gypsy to use NPC Change Gender!

=====10 June 2018=====
Added NPC Change Sex

=====09 June 2018=====
fixed effect item Pecopeco Hairband & Twin Pom Santa Hat[1]
Fixed drop rates change OBB/Giftbox form Mimic card & Myst Card

=====06 June 2018=====
Implemented new features after E.W.O.E
Ransom Badge and Ketupat are not dropped when player killed by another
Added drop change 3% Premium Poring Ticket to all monster

=====05 June 2018=====

Added NPC Book(equipment standard for sage) at Erisian Plaza

=====30 May 2018=====

Changed map prontera (Main town Global)
Reduce HP mob Barricade from 600k to 350k for the balance of the corresponding max members guild
Move Some NPC at Maintown :
Emperium Npc: 174 168
Npc Mall: 164 164
Kafra Voting Staff: 163 137
Eris Pond: 163 155
Npc Stylish: 124 165
Change Dress Npc: 124 162
How To Top Up Npc: 171 180
Npc Pvp Ransum: 172 182
Npc papan NPC Guides: 160 191
Npc Rules Information: 152 191
Portal to 1@pop3: 156 191
Item Reward Npc: 147 170
Healer Click Stuck Bug Fixed
Revision quest gym pass:
3 Porco
8 oridecon
12 elunium

Fixed map abra room:

=====29 May 2018=====

Added Weight Check at 50% for Yggdrasil Berry Box100 and Yggdrasil Seed Box100

=====28 May 2018=====

Added Duel Room (So, command @duel only can be use in this area!)
Command @duel Only can be used at duel room
Fix Weight Item WOE Rewards
Fix Weight White Slim Potion!

=====23 May 2018=====

Fix MVP Quest
Fix Bragis On PvP Mode (When Entry PvP room Should remove buff song)
Added WoE Reward For Winner
Remove Inifite Fly Wing And Become Normal Fly Wing
Disable Tarot On Maintown!
Fix NPC Punching Bag

=====16 May 2018=====

Update Drop Farm Zone
Fix Change Dress For Job Ninja/Gungslinger Implemented
MVP Quest Implemented
Job VS Job Fix
Some bugs Fixed!
New Headgear on Cashshop

=====09 May 2018=====

Reward Disguise Updated
NPC Zeny Room Implemented
Item Mall HGs Quest Npc Implemented
Gym Pass Quest On NPC Yaya Implemented
New Costumes Added
Eris Pond Fixed
New Headgear on Cashshop

=====04 May 2018=====

Fix Clans System!!
Fix Disguise NPC
Add Item on Rare Upper Box
Add Item on Special Upper Box

=====02 May 2018=====

Update New Clans System!!
Reset PVP Rank
Update Menu On NPC PVP Rank
Add New Maintown(English Region) At Dicastes Town

=====25 April 2018=====

Add New Items on Cashshop!!
Fix some bugs!
Add new costume items in Rare Upper Box
Add Random Rucksack Box
Add Adorable Costume Box
Disguise Box item upgraded

=====18 April 2018=====

Fix Sprite Head No 80 & 81
Add New Item On Cashshop
Add Skill LOV, WB, and MS On NPC Stalker
Fix NPC Punchin Bag

=====13 April 2018=====

ID Event Verification (Eris Active Player Registration)
@support is implemented please give us your feedback so we can make the most of your adventure

=====11 April 2018=====

Fixed skill Ice Wall on Field/Dungeon
Fixed some bugsUpdate Engine Server

=====04 April 2018=====

New Items on Cash Shop
New Costumes Added on Special, Rare and Medium Costume Box
Bugs Fixed on server side
Npc: A-Z Hat Maker Fixed
Battleground Conquest Mode is Error (Disabled)
DemiHuman PunchingBag added

=====01 April 2018=====

Event Easter! (Permanent)

=====28 March 2018=====

Cash Shop Update
Pub-Chat Corner
Gemini Card Drop Rate
Refresh PVP Rank
Hat Maker Updates
Eris Forum

=====21 March 2018=====

Erisians your journey has just begun!

=====11 March 2018=====

Closed Beta Test has begunPlease let us know if Theres any error or bug